Our Mission


Our Mission: Connecting Educational Psychology to Communities

Our mission is  simple but robust:

To provide  straightforward access to  Educational and Child Psychologists for  families  and communities  with children with disabilities and additional needs.  

To strengthen  the quality  of educational  and psycho-social support  around children  with disabilities and additional needs,  especially  those from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, so that they achieve better educational, employment and mental health outcomes.

Our Values

As educational psychologists, we are trained to focus on the whole child.  As community psychologists we  look at the multiple influences on a  family's well being and health. At Bridges for Children, our holistic approach  means that we will always seek to look beyond any assumptions or statements  that describe  a  child or family as "the problem." Instead,  we focus on  a child’s strengths, as well as  difficulties, within the wider context of their family, school, community and society. 

Positive and supportive
At Bridges for Children, we  have a very  positive  vision  about what children can do  and how they  can learn, and we know that it is  even better when they have the right  support around them.  However, we recognise that  that by coming to us, you are  worried about a child's progress. Our positive and supportive attitude  means that we will take time to listen to the challenges you  have faced on your journey so far and co-identify solutions to the priorities you want to work on. Our aim, by the end of your first meeting with us,  is to offer you a more hopeful and  informed journey, set at a pace you find  most comfortable.

Caring and compassionate
At Bridges for Children, we feel privileged  when families share their stories with us.  For us, a  caring and compassionate service means  showing kindness, thoughtfulness  and a willingness to help throughout your case-management and afterwards.

Collaborative and Enabling
​We believe that the best outcomes for children are when we all collaborate and  work together. Our  enabling approach means  that families and children and young people are at the core of our service - by working with you, we  will support you to be equal partners in co-designing, accessing,  using and evaluating  services that aim to make a difference to  your  lives.

 Inclusive of diversity

This means that we support the Millennium Development Goals and Education For All,  promoting  fair and equal access to educational  opportunities and psychological services regardless of  gender, disability, sexuality, ethnicity and household income. Our projects, interventions and internships are driven by a strong commitment to social justice and social mobility - this means that we   seek to work with other partners  to  increase  the educational attainments and employment opportunities for  children and young people from socially  and economically disadvantaged backgrounds so that they can  participate more equally in society.  


Our founder is trained in participatory approaches  and it is a guiding principle to our work. This means that we will strive to  use a range of techniques and approaches that encourage families, communities and organisations  to engage in  a shared and meaningful  analysis about their needs and participate in  the  co-design of  realistic outcomes and  practical interventions. 

About Us

our story

Inspired in part by a family legacy of public service, Bridges for Children was originally set up in 2004 as a small sole trader business,  operating as a social enterprise between London and Colombo. Our aim was to  empower  families with children with disabilities and emotional needs  in  London and Sri Lanka, by building bridges and shared understanding  between children, parents, carers and schools. We also wanted to design  a new model of psychological service delivery  relevant to low and middle income countries (LMIC)  and rooted in  the values of  high quality public service and affordability.  

Bridges for Children ceased operation  as a sole trader in 2005 and  was relaunched in April 2015  as a community interest company  registered in England and Wales with the support of the London School for Social Entrepreneurs Fellowship Programme and the UK government Start-Up Loans scheme.