How We Work


How we work

The way we work is driven by our mission, values and 4 core service delivery principles:

1. Adaptable and driven by your needs

Every child we meet is unique and special  - that's why we use a consultation approach when we first meet you to find out a bit more about what changes you would like to see in your child's learning or behaviour,  students or  your  local community. After this  initial 50 minute consultation, we agree on how you would like to proceed. Sometimes we come up with solutions and strategies during our meeting.  Sometimes it's more complex, and together we  plan and design  assessments, intervention programmes and projects so that they are driven by, and tailor made to your  desired outcomes.

2. Solution focused

This means that we use our specialist skills in consultation, appreciative enquiry and solution-focused approaches to enable  you to  discover realistic but effective  solutions to the challenges you bring to us.

3. Empowering

This means that we believe that everyone has the  capacity and capability to change their lives, with the encouragement and support of others. Our approach is essentially people-centred  and puts  what psychologists call "human agency"  (rather than  organisations such as schools, services or local authorities) at the centre of  our work so that you feel that you have more choices. Our non-profit organisation aims to link  households from disadvantaged communities  to the psychological and practical support that they feel they need, through partnerships and seed projects with others, so that they feel that they can better support their family well-being and their children’s educational and emotional needs.

4. High quality, culturally competent and ethically driven

This means that we aim to provide high quality and reliable professional psychological  services to you using approaches that are culturally-relevant and informed by the latest research evidence.  All our psychologists and associates  are fully qualified, hold enhanced DBS certificates or local equivalent,  and undertake regular supervision and  training to keep up to date with  international best practices.  ​We are   committed to practice excellence and upholding ethical and business standards. All our psychologists and associates are bound by either the HCPC  Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics, the  British Psychological Society or those set out by the national associations of psychology in their country of practice.