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"Education is all a matter of building bridges"

(Ralph Ellison)

About Us


about us

Bridges for Children Community Interest Company (CIC)  is an independent  non-profit organization  that provides community-driven  educational and child  psychology services for children and young people  with disabilities and  social, emotional and learning  needs in London and South East Asia. Our  approach places an emphasis on  building bridges between  home and school cultures,  by  engaging with communities and families upfront and encouraging them to define the outcomes they want. To do this effectively means taking time to listen.  


our services


We are currently providing free 40 minute telephone  consultation services  to families, schools and organisations. We  are developing a range of new services  in response to COVID19. Please  contact us to discuss.  (11.05.20)

Educational Psychologists  are applied psychologists with specialist, postgraduate training in child development, disability, child mental health and pedagogy. They apply psychological knowledge, research and theories to understand the process of  teaching and learning - this  helps others, such as parents,  teachers and pre-school settings, to improve the educational outcomes for  children, particularly those with  additional needs including learning  disabilities and social-emotional  difficulties. In some countries (such as the USA)  Educational Psychologists are called School Psychologists.

Community Psychology is a framework that goes beyond the individual and addresses social, health and educational inequallities at a systemic level, through collaboration with local community members, groups and  organisations to bring about positive change.

At Bridges for Children CIC, we are developing a different  approach to traditional  Educational Psychology services by combining  a community psychology approach  with our training as educational psychologists. We use a strengths'-based approach to work with any individual or organisation  who may be worried about a child's educational progress  or psycho-social development - you may be a parent/carer, a family member, a community organisation, a  pre-school centre, a school*  or an  employer  who wishes to support your employees who are parents/carers.  Together, we problem-solve collectively and identify a range of practical strategies and interventions  for children and young people (aged 18 months - 25 years) to support their educational aspirations, emotional well-being and social inclusion.

*We support  the delivery of  equitable  public sector services  and do not provide services to schools in England if their requests can be effectively met by their Local Authority Educational Psychology Service. Please feel free to call us to discuss.


our approach

 Bridges for Children CIC  provides non-statutory  services and early support to families and communities who may be  concerned about an individual child or group of children in terms of their  learning,  or social and emotional development. 

We  welcome collaboration with the public sector and other organisations aimed at  increasing  early support and community  access to psychological services and reducing educational inequity.

We  firmly believe that all parents and carers want to help their child. We also believe that families, children, young people  and local communities are best placed to know what they need. By working together, we know we can achieve better educational, well-being and employment outcomes for children and young people. 

Our Fees and Funding

Our fees are  calculated locally, on a sliding scale based on  family or  organisation  income, with all profits re-distributed to provide subsidized and free services to low income households, voluntary organisations and  charities. We fund our community projects in London and overseas  through our work with Local Authorities, grant funding or partnerships with local  businesses or  corporate sponsors.  

Our Organisation


Our team

Our CEO and founder is a qualified educational psychologist with over 25 years experience, including 15 years  as a Psychological Service Manager with  the public sector in London (UK) and the Ministry of Education, Republic of Singapore. She is a regular visiting  lecturer with  University College London (UCL)  and the University of Southampton   on their educational and clinical psychology postgraduate courses.

 We currently  have a small team of dedicated, highly skilled and experienced  individuals who work with us as  associates, research  and programme  development advisors, volunteers  or non-executive directors.  As an organisation,  we value clinical supervision,  reflective learning and continuing professional development to maintain a high quality service.

All  our practitioner psychologists are registered in their country of practice  where  statutory regulation is applicable. Psychologists  who are based at our London office are registered  Practitioner Psychologists with the U.K.  Health and Care  Professions Council and  Chartered  Psychologists with the British Psychological Society. 

 We have a strong commitment to safeguarding practice and recruit  with due diligence. All our psychologists from U.K. are police checked and  hold enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates. Appropriate DBS checks  are conducted on all volunteers and interns with their consent. 


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Privacy Policy and Confidentiality

 All your information is confidential. We will not pass  any details onto any third parties. Please contact us if you wish a copy of our Privacy Policy. 

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* We are happy to provide a flexible service for working parents to help avoid taking time off work.